Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

Today has been an interesting day as we remember Christ sacrifice on the cross. I wish to think that we pay attention to the details of this historical day as much as we pay attention to Easter Day. As I have listened to my children refer to this day it reminds me that I need to put more emphasis on Christ Death On The Cross! Here are a few things said today in our house which has brought me to this post. It seemed comical at the time but has really made me think.

Caleb: Has just joined Facebook. He thinks it's so cool. As he read someones status it said "It Is Finished". Caleb replied, "That's Great". Later I asked Caleb if he knew what his friend was referring to? He said, "Yea mom he finally got his wife's car fixed".

Abbie: My nine year old drama queen is taking on a new title, it is called I love to text, talk on the phone, and create a new website all at the same time. As she was texting a friend back in Missouri she began to brag on how many days she had off for the weekend. She asked her friend if she was off on Friday. Her friend said no and wondered why Abbie was off. Abbie began to tell her that it was Good Friday. "What's Good Friday?" her friend asked. Abbie replied " Its Jesus Resurrection." Her friend said, "No That's Easter." As I'm listening to the conversation I chime in by telling Abbie that Good Friday is the day we observe Jesus Death On The Cross. With that said Abbie's only reply was "I knew it had something to do with Jesus."

Colin: My sweet boy has been begging me all day to paint eggs. I was trying to put this off until Brad got home so he could make sure not to miss the excitement. As I began to get the egg dye out Colin began to get upset that we were not painting with real brushes and real paint. We never paint with brushes so I was a little confused. As I was a child I loved the part where you put the tablet in the vinegar and watch it fizz! I was shocked that he would not want to do the same. Luckily, I had a set of water colors handy! As usual Brad likes to incorporate every activity with " a lesson learned." He began to ask the kids if they knew what today is. I began to cringe when the question was asked knowing what had been discussed throughout the day. Abbie replied, "Yes I Know, Today Is When Jesus Died On The Cross!" Colin my five year old looks at them with the most confused look on his face and says, " Jesus Already Died On The Cross!"

Lesson Learned: These three quotes will forever stay in my mind as I reflect this Easter. "It has something to do with Jesus!" "It Is Finished!" "Jesus Already Died On the Cross!" "Thank you Lord for using my sweet children to remind me what this day is all about." "I am blessed!"

Happy Easter!!!

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  1. I enjoyed this so much. I miss you all and can't wait to read your next entry. Love ya lots.