Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every Kiss Begins With Colin!

I have to say that being a mom has got to be the best job in the world! This Mother's Day will be remembered as one of my favorite. My sweet five year old Colin enjoyed Mother's Day almost as much as I did. He had been on Brad for some time to take him to buy me a gift. He knew this was a very important day. He kept telling me that I was really going to like what he was going to buy me because he saw it on a commercial. I was anxious to see what it might be considering we only have a Bealls and Walmart Supercenter in our town. As Brad and Colin got in the truck he began to ask his daddy if he had seen the commercial "Every Kiss Begins with Kay?" It was going to be an interesting shopping trip!

Later that night Brad and the kids took me out for dinner and Colin gave me his gift. As I opened it his eyes were so bright and his smile could be seen all over the restaurant. The first box I opened was a silver necklace. The next was some beaded earrings and a wooden bracelet. He was so proud! "Mommy put it on. Do you love it?" he asked. "I absolutely love it!" I told him.

Brad told me later about the adventure of his shopping trip. He apologized for none of the jewelry matching. As he began to tell me how Colin had in his mind what he wanted and realized he was not at Kay Jewelers, he decided that I needed all my pieces to be the colors of the rainbow. What a precious boy I have.

So I leave you with these pictures of my Mother's Day gift from my sweet Colin. Watch out Kay Jewelers because every kiss does not begin with Kay, it begins with Colin!!!

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